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For a creativity project I need to make things out of food?

They need to be creative things worldwide that have come about from 1500-present such as statue of liberty, a privateer ship, Taj Mahal, etc. Food suggestions and perhaps how to construct them would be awesome.

it is not clear whether the end-product has to be edible or not. if it is the former, then you have a limited scope - cakes, chocolates, or other tiered food.

but i'm sure its the latter. in that case, look at the various

* pastas - there are so many diff shapes & sizes & colors they come in, including noodles & spaghetti. the ribbon noodles would make nice logs for the ship or beams for the Eiffel Tower.

* breakfast cereals

* food grains & cereals & pulses

* biscuits, cookies

* candies, marshmallows, ...

* breads [these can also be used to mold & sculpt when dunked in water & squeezed to form lumps]

* flour - of various thickness

* dry fruiits & nuts

* gumpaste

* cheeses

some of the above can be used for the basic structure, while others to adorn & decorate or other details.

hope these help you get started.

look at the structure to be built - the shapes required, ....

then choose from among the food items.

i have avoided fresh fruits, veggies & liquids for obvious reasons.

all the best

Does anyone have any ideas for desings to go on hats? eg pictures?

Does anyone have any ideas for desings to go on hats? eg pictures?

Try something new and unique. Try adding some Accessories to the hat or put some crazy patterns on it( but not too crazy of course)

you can try animal-like hats....like put cat ears on the top an a hat



Did you read all of the books? Or just eclipse?

Favourite to least favourite

- Twilight and Breaking dawn

- Eclipse

- New Moon

And she is making midnight sun (Twilight in Edward's point of view) but it won't be out for quite a while if she publishes it at all)

For more info on Mdnight sun go to : www.stepheniemeyer.com

I'm pretty sure thats up to you and your own opinion, but I liked Twilight the best.

And yes, the next book is called "Midnight Sun" and its basically the exact version of Twilight, but in Edwards perspective.

They are all the best books I have ever read. My whole family has read them twice.

Is anyone interested in a lion sketch?

If you are I would love to email it for free I just want peoples opinions on it... Thanks.

Why not just put it on tinypic and then post a link?

alright. :)

I m a good artist but....(ARTISTS ANSWER)?

i can draw anything seeing like a xerox copy but icannot draw from my imagination how to develop this talent as i m 15 yrs old

say whether i will attain it or not

practice makes perfect as they say...but what to practice is the question. well in your case i'll give you a good way to learn how to draw from your imagination. looking at something and being able to draw it is not an easy task for most people but since you can do it use it to your advantage. sit down and draw something not extremely difficult but something you probably couldn't draw without looking at it. draw it a few times making sure you pay close attention to all the detail. then after you have done it several times try drawing it without looking. compare it with the others. its not going to be perfect the first time. what this exercise does is help with your memory. when you look at something and draw it your brain picks up little pieces of how you did it and stores it in your memory the more you draw the one single picture the more your brain can store the technique you use making it easier to draw without looking.

Study the fundamentals of art like perspective, form, and figure drawing. There are some basic rules you need to learn, and then you can draw anything.

I think you will eventually, if you start to practice. I used to be the same way but then I started to force myself to draw from imagination. I got better with time and am still learning to get better.

Graphic design research help please?

I have been given a brief to design the text for 3 logos, I have to write the qualities of the COMPANY,

however the companies that the logo text are for are fictional (not real) companies.

The companies are:

The Oriental Express - A chinese Takeaway

Greenfingers - Gardening Service

Inner Healing - Holistic Health Service

any ideas of what i should write... cuz i don't lol

thanks in advance!

What do you have to write exaclty? a slogan?

How does the crayola mess-free products work?

You know what I'm talking about? The markers and crayons and paints that only show up on the 'special paper'. Anywho, I'm just wondering what exactly is on the paper that makes the colors show up. More importantly, is it something I can create myself? The paper gets expensive (over $6 for 30 sheets of paper) and I was hoping there's a way to make it myself. Our kids can go through one whole pack of paper in one sitting. lol

Thanks in advance.

if u know to make yourself its best and mention at Yahoo Q & A too so that others can also follow you

Do your friends who do art work ever paint or draw a picture of u that looks like crap

you , but just looks like crap

To tell you the true and please keep this a secret but. YES!!!!!!!!!!. one of my friends drew my nose like a monkey and my face was all small and my eyes where smaller then the other it was just wo. when my friend showed me the picture she drew I was like. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A question for comic artists?

How do you make a series of drawings look exactly the same,like when your showing the character doing a series of motions?

You first have to get a feel of your character. I would suggest making a 3d model of clay of your character so you can look at him at every angle. Also doing a serious of jester drawing will help to get the movements down. Make a character sheet; it will help significantly with facial expressions.

Would it be bad if I were to paint my guitar myself?

Or could I possibly hire someone professional to paint it?


Go for it! Sounds really cool. Just make sure you use proper paint and seal it when you're done. (Not sure what the proper paint would be, google that.)


But what's wrong with being bad?

if you're good at painting, go right ahead that'd be really cool.

Question on Pen drawings?

I drew something using a random black ballpoint pen and after a week the ink started turning yellow/brown and the another drawing turned blue but on it I used a sign pen...

and the paper I used for both is regular 8x11acid-free printing paper...

anyone know why this happens??

It sounds like your inks are fading. Were they in the sun? You should use an archival pen then is fade resistant. I believe Micron or Faber-Castel Pens are perm., acid free, and fade resistant. They are about 2.00 a pen and available at the local art store.:) Cheers

What is the difference between Manga Studio Debut 4 and Manga Studio 4 EX?

I want to be able to use comic-tones, make word bubbles on my computer. I want one of these programs but there is a huge price difference and I was wondering which one should I get and is there any major differences?

You want the EX. Pay the difference. The Debut is for the amateur, where as the EX is for the professional. EX has more tones and auto word bubbles.

Other programs can do similar things, but the EX is designed to do manga/comics... well graphic novels period. It is the one most used in Japan.

Good luck!

Is Brighton Uni good for fashion designing o art etc?

just wondering cuz im starting uni in a couple of years so i thought might aswell get a good idea at what ones are best in art and stuff.


Yeah, sounds good to me

I have been told that for fashion design TAFE is better as it is more hands on, I don't know what you call it over there though? Sorry I'm not much help. I'm studying art at uni atm and it's great. gdluck

How do i become a top contributer?

you have to contribute in one area of yahoo answers

Yahoo has never full disclosed the formula for top contributor. But the general idea is that you have to answer lots of questions AND KEEP answering them as time goes by.

I had it and then took some time off. The took it away from me (TWICE). I got it back yesterday. Now I don't care. I just do it because I like to help.

Good luck...

Easy, participate in the forum and answer questions. We all had to start somewhere. But don't give insulting answers or try to be smart, but be honest and you may get 'best answer' and this will swell your points.

By getting a certain percentage of "best answers" in one single category. YA will not give more details than that. It took me about a week or two to get this status.

In composing a landscape, every part of the paper is important. what are the areas within objects called?

what are the areas surrounding objects called?


> Dominant > Co-Dominant> Subordinate,


>Distinctive >Scenic >Common > Below Average >Disturbed


>Foreground > Midground> Background

Visual time

>Short View > Medium View > Long View

Visual elevation

>Inferior >Normal >Superior


objects surrounding it are called, i think, outside objects. i can't rememer.

NEGATIVE SPACE!!! thats it

Am I a fool if I get an album cover tatooed on me?

entirely up to you ....if you reeeeeeeeeeeealy like it then its your skin... ink it sugar! lol

I think tattoos are very personal and nobody can tell you that you are fool for getting something that you want. You have your reasons. If it's really meaningful to you, then do it. Just make sure you think about it really well and do it for the right reasons, not just because it "looks cool"... Because it looks cool to you today, but you might get bored of it tomorrow and sure, you can always get it removed with laser, but it's a pain in the as*.

Not at all. I have the artwork from a few albums tattooed onto me, and should I fall out of love with the band, I still have some lovely artwork on me that nobody will know belongs to the band!

My favourite is the Kings of Metal cover by Manowar. I have that tattooed on my arm (minus the Manowar logo!)


Lets think this way...

1. Do you like the album most?

if yes for #1 then

2. Was there any album that u liked most earlier but not that much now?

if yes for #2 also, it means that your likings will change in future also.

So, in future you may not like this tatoo a lot.

Well chances are you'll will end up regretting it at sometime, you'll look back and think "what was I thinking?", just as people who get girl/boyfriends names tattooed on them and end up breaking up. Wonderful being married to Sue while having Trish in a heart tattooed on your arm.

Don't listen to, don't even read what others say about it being okay, or do your own thing!

The only right answers are the ones that agree with you when you ask "Am I a fool..." Yes, it would be a foolish act. That doesn't mean you are a fool. A fool wouldn't ask the question in the first place.

Truthfully I don't think so. If there is a symbol or a picture that sticks out more, on the album art work, would be better.

A picture of the album would help.

Well when you are in your 40s or 50s and maybe in the gym or the Doctors, you might just wonder 'Why the hell did I do that'.

yep because they might turn into a rubbish band.. or disband a week after you get it.

the trick with them is to get something timeless and unique.. something that no one has.

hence why I have none.




unless the album cover has an important meaning in your life

When the album becomes history, so will you.

Yes. Unless, of course, it is Abigail.

Or any tattoo.

Yeah but who said being a fool is a bad thing



EF lens fits on one Canon and not the other.?

I have had a Canon Rebel XS for about 5 months now and everything has been wonderful. I have the kit which came with it (EFS 18-55mm lens) and an additional lens (EF 75-300mm).

I recently purchased a Canon EOS-3 film camera and expected my EF lenses to work on it's EF mount. The 75-300mm fit on the EOS-3 but the 18-55mm did not.

What could be the problem?

Could it be that the 18-55mm is an EFS?

The Canon film cameras can only use EF lenses not EFs lenses. The 18-55mm lens is an EFs lens that was designed specifically for use on the APS-C sized sensor DSLR's. You DSLR can use both EF and EFs.

The good news is there really is only one or two EFs lenses that you need. The kit 18-55mm lens and the EFs 10-22mm wide angle. All other focal lengths are available as an EF mount. Also for the most part the EF lenses are better than the EFs lenses.

Canon will not switch from digital to film and vice-versa but I do believe that you can buy an adapter but I am not positive... Nikon will switch back and forth but unfortunately I also have Canon... look on ebay for an adapter but once again Im not sure about the adapter

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Exciting plot ideas for a unique late teen novel?

I have a pretty original idea for a story; it mainly involves the relationship between a college guy suffering from depression and an extremely mysterious girl who apparently has the power to appear and disappear anywhere at will, sometimes leaving him for weeks at a time. I have an extremely good twist at the end, but as for the relationship and the twist ending, I don't have very exciting things happening throughout the rest of the story. Basically she can only be seen by him, and they have a complex deep relationship.

I don't want to spill it all out on here, but if anyone has any ideas for some awesome things that would be allowed in a story like this, I'd love you forever.

Well he's a college guy, what's going on with his classes? Or maybe he tries to investigate where she's going for these long absences. Or you could follow her when she leaves. Or maybe he has family or friend problems. Or she has to try to save his life but he has no idea he's in danger. There are unlimited things you could do. A good ending is pointless without a good story leading up to it. If the story is boring, no one will ever make it to the good ending.

Title for a book about sex?

I'm writing a short story/long story (not sure which one yet!) and I need a title, preferably not too cheesy and not too pretentious either.

The plot in a nutshell is this- my main character is a sixteen year old girl with albinism. She lives alone with her strict Catholic dad in a big empty house he bought for her mom who died in childbirth. She's convinced that her dad resents her silently because she 'killed her mother' and turned out so 'funny looking.'

She meets a man (not exactly sure how yet) and they start having a completely sexual D/s relationship, complete with whips, chains, piercings, etc. He helps her realize she's been a masochist all her life and gives her an outlet for all of the self loathing she's kept bottled up for years.

So that's it in a nutshell! :) Can anyone give me some ideas for a good title? Thanks!

Forbidden Love.



well looks like she always been desprate for love. because she never got it from her dad and no mom or family.

she thinks that by having sex with a man with all the stuff will make her feel loved.

the name should be.

what love makes you do


Getting Off with A Spanking

So you're writing porn?

Sorry about my last story. BTW: I

I didn't want to interrupt my boss as he was screaming at me. His tongue thrashing around in that gigantic and annoying mouth of his. His eyes growing large like they do in those unrealistic Japanese cartoons. The mouth made a sound like a suction cup being ripped from glass. The humor of the livid man was unbelievable. I imagined him as an angry hippo yelling at me from across the table. How unintelligent can a human being get. Yelping at me like a little puppy obviously isn't going to solve the problem I have put in front of him. Most people try to tone out the reverberant voices that hit their ears like a bass drum, but not me. I find it simply amusing to outsmart a person in my mind. I might have saw a tear stray from his bulging eyeball. His throat was probably going to get sore soon so that's his loss. My silence is what makes it all worth while. Finally, he stopped. I smirked. "Now what do you have to say for yourself." There it is. The final nine words that everyone says after they are yelling at someone. "No, but do you?" I laughed as his face got even more cherry colored.

By the way: I'm only twelve years old. That is only a small portion of a story I am writing.

Pretty good, especially since you're only twelve. You'll want to watch your grammar/ punctuation, and I think there was maybe one too many similes in a row, but other than that, nice! :) That's pretty good, good luck with it!

It's goods, especially for someone your age, but i do think you need a bit of sentence variation, some long some short, it will make it flow better. Only my opinion, feel free to ignore.


I'm twelve too :)

Really good story. You definitely do a good job at showing how the character feels. I would read more.

p.s. plz read my stories too

xoxo Lia

Ha ha, I am picturing that red moon face. Your story is good, stick with the writing.

I like it home skillet.

yeah.. this is much better than the other one

HaVe YoU rEaD tHeSe BoOkS?

Which of these books have you read?

1. Maximum Ride

2. Twilight

3. The Outsiders

4. The Giver

5. The Little Princess

I've read them all...

Who hasn't read Twilight, really? (It doesn't really matter whether you love it or hate it)

The Outsiders were okay...

Some people hated The Giver, but I thought it was alright...

And I read The Little Princess too long ago to really remember if I liked it or not.

(The last Maximum Ride book has the WORST ENDING EVER... enough said.)

1. No

2. Embarrasingly, yes.

3. Yes, in school.

4. Yes, in school.

5. Yes, I own a copy.

1. No

2. Unfortunately, Yes.

3. Yes

4. Yes

5. Yes

i've read 2, 3, and 4. They were all great! The Outsiders was best, though

Maximum Ride and The Little Princess

maximum ride, twilight and the little princess x

The Giver

Read them all except Maximum Ride

I've read 2 but thought it was not the best.

I've read 2,3 and 4 and seen the movie for 5.

I've read Twilight and The Giver

Do philosopher

I tend to think so. Often I have pondered a philosophical question and somehow an answer I was comfortable with came to me either through a new thought, reading a poem, something someone says sparks a new train of thinking on an issue.

Like how would they be whatever you think they are without them. No matter what you call yourself or think you are, everybody needs a little help from time to time. The hard cases are those people who don't or can't ask for help.Who knows if asking for help causes pain or if pain leads one to asking for help. That's what prayer is. Asking yourself to be as smart as someone that you either have faith in or do not have any faith in. this may be a question of God , no God. Everything in life is set up so that it's approachable. Everybody has a muse or a guide, a road map or a direction that leads to path or a journey or a solution of some kind. Confusion and difficulty is an acquired taste. You have to work at it, Trust me.

Yes we do...

Here is a second part to my last one. Do you like it?

"That's it! You are fired!" Once more this ugly person has accomplished nothing by doing something completely utterly stupid.

"No I am not," I said nonchalantly. "You see, this is a run down business that gives minimum wage to working people. So even if you did fire me, which is a bad idea because I basically built this company from the ground up, you wouldn't be able to hire another employee because no one will want to work at a place with a screwed up boss and $3.50 an hour. So if you would be kind enough to do your company a favor and rehire me, that would be great." The speechless hippo looked amazed at how I reacted to the process of my being fired. I didn't wait for an answer and walked out of the door, feeling good about what I said.

Wow, this is really good, you're 12 and write better than me!

good good good goood good good goood

this is geeeerrraaatt!

I don't like the main character... I hope they loose in the end.

it's good.

Can i post my

i was wondering if i could post on my art site some of my drawings that have a gundam like look to them without getting in any copyright trouble. iv seen many jap animes that have similar robot/mecha designs. so could i still post my own?

If your drawings look very similar to a gundam character design (like if you just changed a couple things, and it's obvious that it's gundam) then you need to put a disclaimer stating that it is fanart of gundam. Also, do not try to sell this art.

If your characters are completely your own and not based in any way off of a gundam mecha, then you can credit yourself alone. Honestly, given the huge amount of mecha art I doubt anyone is going to come after you.

If they're your original ideas and OCs (Owned Characters) than it's perfectly legal, just make sure to point out that they're yours and not someone else's. Posting fanart of a different series is also okay as long as you mention that too. o.o

I know you can post art on a cool site called "DeviantArt."

I'm Agentmangoe.

yes u can post these but is they are too similar you will need a disclaimer, all your need to do is post: "i do not own gundam"

yea just write than u dont own any part of it or ul get into trouble or just get banned


Has anyone marked their Twilight book beyond repair?

I just bought a paper back Twilight a couple days ago and I plan to mark it with post-it notes and highlighters and stuff. I have already read it 7 times from my hardback copy, so I know almost exactly where my favorite parts are!

Anyway . . . I was wondering if anyone has done this. I would love to see pictures of what it looked like after if you have any!

P.S. I bought the Director's Notebook and in there it had a picture of Catherine's . . . it was so cool!

No, sometimes i really really want to, but i'm one of those neat freaks that can't stand just the tiniest mark on my books and i know that after i mark it i'll regret it.

but u seem like a really colorful person. i think it'll look really cool if u do mark it and all. so my advice is to go for it!

P.S. Is the directors notebook any good? i was thinking about buying it, but i'm not so sure.

i have many times. I have about ine full stikey note in each. Also the book the host has about 2 stiky notes!

I did some underlining with my books but I didn't write on it as much as you have. All I did was underline my favorite quotes. I marked those especially that I think applies to me or made me cry.

i dont understand ur question. but for me i just read the twilight books and read it again and again.

Um, no. Why? You're not her editor. I don't see the point.

I sit unoriginal and boring to twist parts of your life and put them in a story?

I'm writing a story and a particular inspiration came from a party I went to today. I really want to use it and I've figured a way to make it really exciting but I'm worried it'll be un-creative and unoriginal. Is using twisted parts of your life not right in writing a story?

Twisted parts of life is where fiction comes from. You are responsible for presenting in a way that is original and creative. Write your story and don't worry about it.

Using your own life is the best thing to do, because you should write what you know about. Adding a twist is where the creativity comes in.

I think this is a much better idea than yet another fantasy/vampire story like we see on here every day.

For sure you can use it. If it brings more to your story and makes some sense into who the character is, and it also makes them seem more real I think. Go For It!

Does the sites which make glitter on our pics can steal it?

are you meaning blingee or something? i think they can...i think once youve uploaded your pic and edited it and it has their site logo in the corner or something they can steal it and do whatever they want with it

You would have to read the site's Terms of Use/ Terms & Conditions. If they do not have one of these, then they probably aren't very reliable, either.

A question no one feels like answering, am I right?

Has anyone read the poem "The Moon" by Henry Thoreau? Does anyone have any idea what the central idea is? Or the theme? It's really confusing me. And I know no one is going to answer this, no one seems to answer these kinds of questions, only really stupid ones, not ones that really help people! Please help?

I read it. The way I see it, it can be taken two ways. The first way is at face value. You view it as a tribute to the moon. How beautiful it is, and how it's always shining.

The second way to view the poem (to what I read into it), is that it's about a women that he loves.

"The full-orbed moon with unchanged ray

Mounts up the eastern sky,

Not doomed to these short nights for aye,

But shining steadily"

Seems to say that he thinks she's always beautiful.

"She does not wane, but my fortune,

Which her rays do not bless,

My wayward path declineth soon,

But she shines not the less."

Says (in my opinion) that he thinks that time is very good to her. Though troubles may come for him, and he may be getting older, she seems to stay the same way.

"And if she faintly glimmers here,

And paled is her light,

Yet alway in her proper sphere

She's mistress of the night."

It seems that he's kind of taking a diferent person's perspective here. Thinking 'she might be getting older (as we all do), but she still holds that unique air of beauty and grace'.

Which (to him), none can match.

P.S. Feel free to rate the poem I have up (you can find it in my questions).


Symbolism from the Great Gatsby?

I know what all of the symbols mean (I have eckleburgs eyes, the green light, daisys voice full of money, the valley of ashes and the mantle clock) but Im doing a research paper and I dont have enough sources. I need more. Anyone care to give me a few good links? I cannot use sparknotes, cliffnotes or wikipedia.

Um, I don't have any sources, but you should check out an online database that is accredited by a major university. If you're in college, your college may have a database such as this. If not the you'll need to go to the library and do some good old fashioned research. and you forgot the symbolism of Myrtle Wilson's breast being cut off when she is run over by Daisy. you can probably write your whole research paper on that.

What question should i ask?

you should ask if you can ask a question

and when they say okay then you stay quiet

because you just asked a question

you: can i ask you a question?

person: okay

you: .....(stay quiet and then walk away)

Anything you want as long as it fits into the Guidelines

In this case the answer is in the question. You shouldn't ask anything.

This question has been asked at least 200 times. Get a little creative...

Why do I have no imagination or insight?

anything which mesmerizes you...

This works.

This one is fine.

where are my car keys????

Who writes the blurbs on the backs of novels and books?

I was always interested to know. Is it the writer of the novel, or is it someone else?

When you send a query letter to the publisher/editor/agent, you include a "book blurb" made by yourself. This is supposed to hook the agent into accepting your submission, and then he will read the synopsis (1-2 pages) that came with your manuscript. He will decide whether or not the ending is lame, the plot is creative, the writing style is good, and generally just whether or not the book is novel-material. Then, that "book blurb" you made yourself in the query letter becomes the basis for the book blurb on the back of your published novel, but your agents/editors will fix it up a bit. Sometimes, they will change it entirely .

Someone in the publicity department of the publishing company; but it's usually based on the synopsis (which is NOT a blurb, it's a much fuller description of the book, including the ending) which the author originally submitted.

It is someone in the publicity department of the publishing firm. Definitely NOT the author of the book.

It's the writer

WWII Museum Project - Theatres of War?

im supposed to create a work of art that captures the injustice and brutatility of totalitariasm regimes as well as the essence of World War 2. My subject is Theaters of War - Africa. What can i do? Can i get some ideas? im planning on drawing something

Try Sainte-Mere-Eglise which was the first French town liberated by the US Parachutists.

key in: Ste-Mere-Eglise Tidbits:

This will give you the story of how a US Parachutists got tangled up on the church spire and just hung there. As they fell from the skies hundreds were shot by the Germans before they landed.

It is depicted in The Longest Day and the role of the Parachutist was played by Red Buttons.

Good Luck

Africa's difficult for this - the lack of large cities,a modern infrastructure, and the fact that most battles took place in the desert, meant the few civilians in the area were largely unaffected by the fighting.

The German forces sent there, the Deutsche Afrika Korps, and their commander, General (later Field Marshall) Erwin Rommel were regarded as honourable opponents by the Allies, and no member of the German armed forces in the African campaigns was ever accused of any war crimes.

I'd go with the suggestion of the earlier answerer, and look at the Italian invasion of Abyssinia (1935-1936), during which the Italians used poison gas..

I'd suggest looking at the Italian war against Abyssinia, it's a little before WW2 but it's directly relevant.

Is it the mind of man that makes the sounds he speaks (formed words) different from all other life forms..?

Is that the only thing that separates us, the mind ?

Yes, the most significant difference between us and other life-forms is our mind. In reflecting on and reacting to contact with sense data, it generates language as a means of avoiding the painful bits, and maximising the pleasurable bits. We have overcome the dumb and passive suffering that we see in animals, and incidentally created a lot of extra problems in terms of more keenly remembered and anticipated suffering.

The difference between the minds of man and all other beasts is, as Hume so aptly put it, "Beasts abstract not."

Because of this inablility, naturalist Loren Eiseley said beasts live in an "eternal present."

Ayn Rand called it "range-of-the-moment consciousness."

No. We use the past to plan in present for the future. Man is the only creature that has a fine measurement of time. (we have hours, minutes, seconds)

We are all complex iterations.

There is nothing new under the sun.