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For Collins project was a key factor for success

More of a hinderance, some people may have already arranged one thing and another doesn

Writers: When You First Began Writing, What Did You Most Struggle With?

When you first began to write what was most difficult for you? (Grammar, sentence structure, plot, etc.)

What tips would you give struggling beginners with that problem?
Sometimes when I want to write, I don


So long story short I did something wrong while rewinding the film in my Nikon EM. I don

Bass lessons in San Diego?


Is there anywhere to take Belly Dancing Classes in Austin Texas?

There are many places to take belly dancing classes in Austin. I will give you a few suggestions:

Bahaia (North Austin) - - She is the former organizer of the Austin Belly Dance Convention, and one of the best teachers in Austin. I have not taken lessons from her, but I have seen her students dance, and I have seen her dance, and she is hands down the best as far as I can tell. She also does her Hot Seminars and other events. She teaches traditional Raks Sharqi and Cabaret.

Stacey Lizette (South Austin) - - The current organizer of the Austin Belly Dance Convention, and another of the most widely known teachers in the Austin area. She teaches according to Suhaila Salimpour

What are some of the JFK conspiracy theories?

Besides the fact that there was more than one shooter, I mean something more detailed like the reason behind his assassination.

Just curious what people have thought and said.
There is the Mafia revenge theory, the Cuban revenge theory on attempts on Castro


In my last question, I asked why B

My Writing: Getting Better, Worse, or Doing OK?

I had posted a question earlier wanting to know what was wrong with my writing. You can see it here:;

I just simply want to know if this version is better, worse, or just similar to the other. I

Why is the love between Romeo and Juliet cursed?

Why is the love between Romeo and Juliet cursed?
their families have been fighting for years for some unexplained reason.
The horrible events which occured in Romeo and Juliet happened due to other characters imperfections and weaknesses. Specifically the grudge between both the Capulets and Montagues in this particular story. This grudge is the cause of deaths of multiple characters, including Romeo and Juliet. If they

I need ideas for a poem I

I just started a new poem and its called

Song ideas for a dance routine?


How to lengthen my extremely short prologue? (10 Points for bribe ;))?

Okay so I


painters, sculpters, drawers. lol I don

If Your Main Character Were to Be Real, How Do You Think You

Just for fun.

Imagine the protagonist of your story being an actual, real-life person. Would they be someone you would hang out with? Be interested in or look up to? Explain what exactly you might do together. How do you and your main character differ?

How to improve my photography?

People ask me to take their photos, but I

I need to know if I am alone in living the books that I read?

I find that books more than movies ,allow me to live in their story more. But I always wonder if I am alone in this?
I love to live out the book in my imagination. Everyone who enjoys fiction does this. Don



(Pictures included) help..?

Someone reported this question and I

Is anyone on here a professional photography? or just think they are?

please post link of your work
semi-pro i guess..
Nope, I

I want to be a blacksmith, need help please?

I live in North carolina and need to know which is a better School, John C. Campbell Folk School or Penland School of Arts and Crafts?

any information you have on either school would be extremely appreciated, i

Victorian vocabulary?

I wanna write a story that takes place in the victorian era (more specifically 1864) and i need to know how they spoke. I haven

Constructive Criticism Wanted? (10 Points for most thorough answer!)?


Give my book character a cool last name!!?

So I

What are the opportunities with a major in dance?

I am looking at getting a major in dance for college, but what can I do with that? what kind of career would be ahead of me with that major? anything besides a dance teacher?
I highly suggest going on some college visits. Meet with admissions. take a tour of the campus. And meet with the head of the dance department. Watch a dance class.

You will have to audition for the dance department at college in order to major or minor in dance.
A BFA is for performance. Usually that would be contemporary dance as most colleges and conservatories have that as their focus. You would also learn choreography and may wish to pursue that. A career as a dance teacher would be a BA most likely with education elements. You could also branch out into dance arts management, dance critic, dance P.T., even a presenter of dance. There are a number of related fields.

Is there any graphic sex in the Sookie Stackhouse series?

I recently found out that True Blood is based on Charlaine Harris

Texas History Question?

What is the Semicolon Court? How did it get its name?

Last scene in Inception: is it a dream, or reality?

I thought it was a dream because the top kept spinning, and stayed in one spot, but I read on that it wobbled, which means he met his kids in reality. What was your take?
Yes if you watch carefully the spinner wobbled which means in my book that it was reality. Take it as you may I think that he was either in reality or he was still in the limbo of his mind. I lean more so to non dream ;)

Where can I download a free book?

I was wondering where I can download the book Uprising By

Margaret Peterson Haddix
Visit the website of your local library to see if they have an e-book edition available for download.

Visit your library to see if they have a paper copy. If they don

How to make this photoshop effect?


How would I put pictures on my locker? Please read?

At my school we are aloud to decorate our own lockers and I want to put pictures on it my mom suggest I use decoupage that sounds great because I don

Why is marching band better than cross country?

I just want marching band people

What is miranda cosgrove

What is? Do you mean who is? Here favorite singers are Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, and Paramore. Pop is her favorite type of music.


What book is Melchior reading in

In the scene right before

What is this book called? Is there more than one?


What are your opinions on the panditgital novel 7

deciding whether to purchase this? need opinions.
It depends on what you plan to use the device for. If for reading purpose, the ebook readers are indeed better than color eReader. It is more easy to our eyes with its e-ink screen, and it is specially designed for reading so it can give us a better touch and feel for reading. Reading long on backlight screen will also harm our eyes, as you can see in an article here:


Old lens on a new pentax?

I have a pentax k2000 but I wanted to use my mothers lenses from her k1000. They are great lenses and I really would like to use them. The lenses mount just fine but the camera won

Who is this cartooney looking dude?
his name is finn from...adventure time with finn and jake.

We suffer, one and all, the same disease. A poem...suggestions?

Exploring different ways to express isolation, say...those in prison or those society forces to conform


Buy the rights to a novel for $1?

is there a place online where i can buy the rights to an unpublished novel for cheap?
What an unusual question! And a thought-provoking one, too. I would not be surprised if your quest did not turn up some unpublished work that people would consider selling...maybe for a little more than $1, though...What would you think of trying on Ebay? Goodness knows they have everything imaginable for sale there...maybe you could post willingness to buy unsold work just to see what is offered. Good luck with this intriging quest.
No one would sell their hard work for $1.

On the Collins project, what was being done that was damaging the fundamentals ?

People and their own agendas :)

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The Hunger Games (about book

I was wondering if you read the book and if liked it. Also if you know when the movie comes out.

The book is by Suzanne Collins.
loved BOTH books. they

Is this poem too short to be effective?

Venturing into

green, dense woods,

wanting to get lost


find myself,

I discovered

hard, dry ground


cavernous cracks,

mimicking my

I like the content.

The flow was a bit awkward.

When the poem is short, it really needs to flow well.



into green, dense woods,

wanting to get lost

to find myself,

I discovered

hard, dry ground


cavernous cracks,


my reality.
No poem is too short to be effective! I do love this though, its very nice! Keep up the great work!

Any poem can be short and powerful and punctuated however you want it, since you are the author.
No, that

Should I enter this pageant stuff?

I just got this stupid letter about a beauty pageant. I

What is the name of this poem? What is this poem?

There is this poem that is from a childs point of view about money, the kid is given a $5 and then someone offers the kid 2 $1s in exchange for the 1 $5, and the kid accepts because didnt you know 2 is more than 1 and she keeps exchanging for more objects of less value until her original $5 is reduced to a few pennys.

Will I be able to see what I look like when I am older?

Look closely at pictures of your older relatives, such as your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. This should give you a good clue of what you will look like when you

What kind of camera do I need to take digital pictures underwater?

Well it depends on how much underwater photography you want to do, and also how deep you plan to go. There are cases for your good DSLR that allow you to take them underwater, however they are very expensive, often same or more as a new camera.

I know a lot of people that will take a simple Point and Shoot camera, like Canon powershot 570 or 720 and then put it in a good clear plastic baggy and then secure the baggy so there is as little space between the baggy and the lens so the images come out best. Note, that you will need to set it to like ISO 800 before you go in the water, and that it all will have a blue cast to it, but that can be corrected for in Photoshop.

If you watch Ebay you will see cases for the Canon 20D and 30D sometimes and even a few Rebel xt cases and last week I saw one for a 5D but the case was well over $1200 used.

I would suggest seeing what you like and try the point and shoot first. should work to about 20-30 ft my buddy says w/o any problems.

Hope this helps. Good Luck and remember, dont swim for 2 hrs after eating...!!!.
Many manufacturers make cameras that work underwater, but at most camera shops, you should be able to find a waterproof housing that may work with your existing camera. You do have to be careful that you do not go under deeper than the rated depth of the camera or housing. Some of those housings are not much more than shields to prevent damage from being splashed, and wont work beyond a few feet under.

Tell me what you think of my poem, give me your honest opinions don

Life is at a stand still at this very moment,

thee trees are whispering to thee world,

thee wind blows a song for our souls while thee leaves softly dance to it.

Thee silence takes over,

such a beautiful sound it is as I watch thee sun descend before my eyes just as thee moon will soon arise.

On my back I lay witnessing thee change of day, experiencing thee beauty this world has left to give.

Thee interest in her beauty we lack, so I analyze her extravagant underestimated beauty,

carefully watching our skies go from blue to black....
likes: its very fun to read and the words you used look nice together when you write them down.

dislikes: in modern days like the 21st century, when you keep saying

Who is the artist who

He uses primary colours and squares...I think his last name began with M

Sorry for being vague....
Is it Piet Mondrian you

Does anyone think Riley Biers is better looking than Edward Cullen?
definitely! riley is megasexy and his character is a lot more complex than edwards

What are some good theatre festivals in Europe?

For a youth theatre to attend? Sometime next year would be helpful!
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is probably the most famous. There

I would be grateful if someone who has access to Ancestry would look-up an Obituary notice for me.?

The name is Margaret A McCrosson and it seems to be in four newspaper in different states in the US. Many thanks
This is for her daughter. All four are the same.


Margaret M. Siegfried

Age 80 of Bethel Twp., PA died May 17, 2005 at the Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

She was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, lived in Bethel Twp for 10 years, and formerly lived in Norwood for 30 years. She was a 1942 graduate of West Catholic High School and had been a bank teller for Continental Bank in prospect Park for 25 years, retiring in 1988. She was a member of Church of the Holy Child Catholic Church in Wilmington, DE and was a former member of St. Gabriel

I really want to be an actress?

Im 17 and really want to act as a career but I cant afford to go to stage school. Im very good at comedy and physical theatre and enjoy the work of practitioners such as John Godber and Berkoff. I have a A at GCSE grade Drama and Im currently studdying drama and Theatre studies at college as an A Level. I want to know if I would be wasting my time going to University and studying it, if I cant get a job from it later. Help please
From what I can see, studying it at uni for you, would be a really good idea. If you don

Where did all the flat footed folk come from and is it true they can

I am so lucky not to have flat feet but they are very common almost all the shoes in the shops are designed for flat feet which makes it difficult to get shoes that fit appropriately.

I have dancers feet with a very high instep what makes of shoes are good for my feet?
Flat feet aside, there are certain places in Blighty that produce specimens with webbed feet (I know of one at Blackhorse Fen) if you have flippers for feet, flat feet would be a blessing. Having a high instep I recommend thigh length black shiny kinky boots, gulp....gasp...a basque er.... gulp and er...stockings.. er...excuse me I am going for a cold shower...gasp...
You mean like them hillbillies in Tasmania, Tennessee, Tuscany...wait, I mean Thrapston...

What is the media used in Mondrian

If you google, you will see the entry for it - oil on canvas, and it

Can you read and let me know what you think?


Yes, I have written yet another short story.

Can you please read and let me know what you think? Constructive criticism very welcome!

This is the link:

Thanks :)
I think it needs work.


What are your thoughts on my photo thanks?
Im sorry, but by now, you should be turning out much better work than this.

I totally agree with the above in what exactly is the focal point.

What are we looking at?

Yes, I know its a landscape, but very poorly composed.

It is very obvious that you take no notice of advice given to you by a number of reputable photographers who use this site and try to help you every time you ask this question.

PLEASE take note of what people say when trying to help you and act accordingly on their advice, then you WILL get better.

You WONT improve by taking notice of the

Who was the last prisoner to be kept in the Tower of London?

Yes, Rudolph Hess was the last political prisoner, he stayed in the Tower for 4 days in 1941.

In 1952, however, the Kray twins were held in the Tower for 4 days for failing to report for national service, making them amongst the last prisoners of the Tower of London.
I think it was Rudolph Hess, for a brief period.

Why did the U.S use Atomic bomb in Japan ?

A number of reasons -

Primarily to end the War - to save allied lives and to forestall the Russians from joining the war and taking over Japanese territory - the start in effect of the Cold War. The US (by this time under Harry Truman) kept

Where can I download free music off the internet onto itunes?

iv never really gotten free music, im into being fair and stuff but I really want some eminem right now and well hes real big so it wont really matter i dont think. i always buy small local music full price but i really just want some good free stuff now. like limewire but without the membership cost. know any good ones?
You can download illegally from and by getting a bit torrent

Legally, you won

Is there a reward for

i saw my neighbours son one night spraying a wall in london, this art , graffitti mural, i later saw in a book about banksy. The next day i asked him why he was spraying the walls, and did you know it was an offence, and that i took photografic evidence. His reply was if you tell my mum or the police he would graffity a penis and testicles on the front of my house, should i call the police??
No. But I would ask him for a couple of free originals.
Yes call the police, Not olny is it criminal damage, its also threatening a witness.
there are many many many fake banksys around these days, odds are the mural you saw wasnt banksy and i believe he lives in brighton not london.

i have been told banksy is very careful about the law finding him and i very much doubt he would threaten to draw obscene things on your house, not his style

you probably saw some kid pretending to be him, if you want to you can call crimestoppers which is anon so he wont know who told on him.

What is the purpose in life?

please dont go too much into the religious aspect of this question ... but simply answer to me, what the purpose in life is... why are we here? why were we sent down here... to do what?

is to answer your question, with this pivoting action

Where can I buy this stompbox?

I really need one =P
Sick pedal. I

Good songs for belly dancing!?

Songs a bit like Shakira Ojos Asi
Whine Up - Kat De Luna ******

Hips Don

Sweep picking with a metronome HELP ?!!?


Is there a school to specialize in Screenwriting and directing only? Which?

Almost all schools I see teach, editing, directing, writing and producing of films. Is there one which I can specialize or learn just screenwriting and film directing? Which one please? I want to be a director of my own screenplays. Do I need to study all?
Yes, if you want to be a big scale movie director for an independent or big name company, you will need to have a resume with a few good names. College wise i

Would readers not read a published book because the author is arabic?

No, I would not refuse to read something just because the author is Arabic.
that would be racist

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I agree with KK

and also with FML in the other answers. I don

Why do most people assume the Nazis killed blacks?

Although people ignorantly forget that most Africans were under British and French rule, they still assume the Nazis killed black people. No one assumes the Nazis killed Mexicans or Indians but why black? This is quite offensive because the Nazis killed

Copyright Images Help needed!?

I am writing a book with images from Wikipedia included. What is the correct way to publish these Images without harming compyright laws?
By getting permission, in writing, from Wikipedia. There is no subtitute for getting direct permision to copy any of their images. It is NOT enough to cite where you found the image or to

Who is your favourite twilight character?

Who is your favourite twilight character
Oh my god!I love twilight so I have to say all of them!!
AUC ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

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sorry i know that this is suppost to be a comment but i just can

What is art? Is this in the wrong category?

Brotherhood of the Blatant Ballyhoo


I don

Would you judge a book that mentions knights and princesses?

It just makes me curious. I know the book should stand on its own, but if you saw a young adult/adult book with words such as princess and knights, would that turn you off?

What type of things would it depend on?

Thanks very much!
Uh... Yeah. I think it would.

It sounds so superficial, but I think the whole fantasy knights and princess thing is way too overdone.

I think a modern take on knights and princesses would be interesting. Although even that is cliche itself.

It would depend on the plot

What is the difference between an agency and an agent?

I go to an acting agency but I dont have an agent. Please help
The Agency is a collection of agents. The Agent is the one who you

If God created the universe, who or what created God, and if He created himself, isn

Who Created God?


What do you think of my poem? Is it any good at all?

I said

Did you expect the Spanish Inquisition?

NO I DO NOT! But i get it sometimes *rolls eyes* ;)

Hey, why dont you email me one day you seem intersting. we could be friends.
NOone expects the Spanish Inquisition!
As Monty Python has said


how kids come on here and theyre like

What is the best way to take a picture of your self?

i cant get a good 1 :(
Well, there are several ways you can take a picture of yourself, but it mainly takes practice. You could try mirror shots, where you point the camera at the mirror and get yourself in the picture as well. Or, you could simply point the camera at yourself by holding it out away from you. You can get a lot of good pictures that way too, especially if you experiment with different angles. Just, like I said, takes practice. Good luck!
Stand in the bathroom facing the mirror. Photograph your image in the mirror.
What i like to do is have a pic of my self with a background of something that i enjoy like the outside or by my car, and wear something that describes you, like what u usualy wear, like me...i