Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where did all the flat footed folk come from and is it true they can

I am so lucky not to have flat feet but they are very common almost all the shoes in the shops are designed for flat feet which makes it difficult to get shoes that fit appropriately.

I have dancers feet with a very high instep what makes of shoes are good for my feet?
Flat feet aside, there are certain places in Blighty that produce specimens with webbed feet (I know of one at Blackhorse Fen) if you have flippers for feet, flat feet would be a blessing. Having a high instep I recommend thigh length black shiny kinky boots, gulp....gasp...a basque er.... gulp and er...stockings.. er...excuse me I am going for a cold shower...gasp...
You mean like them hillbillies in Tasmania, Tennessee, Tuscany...wait, I mean Thrapston...

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