Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tell me what you think of my poem, give me your honest opinions don

Life is at a stand still at this very moment,

thee trees are whispering to thee world,

thee wind blows a song for our souls while thee leaves softly dance to it.

Thee silence takes over,

such a beautiful sound it is as I watch thee sun descend before my eyes just as thee moon will soon arise.

On my back I lay witnessing thee change of day, experiencing thee beauty this world has left to give.

Thee interest in her beauty we lack, so I analyze her extravagant underestimated beauty,

carefully watching our skies go from blue to black....
likes: its very fun to read and the words you used look nice together when you write them down.

dislikes: in modern days like the 21st century, when you keep saying

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