Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What are the opportunities with a major in dance?

I am looking at getting a major in dance for college, but what can I do with that? what kind of career would be ahead of me with that major? anything besides a dance teacher?
I highly suggest going on some college visits. Meet with admissions. take a tour of the campus. And meet with the head of the dance department. Watch a dance class.

You will have to audition for the dance department at college in order to major or minor in dance.
A BFA is for performance. Usually that would be contemporary dance as most colleges and conservatories have that as their focus. You would also learn choreography and may wish to pursue that. A career as a dance teacher would be a BA most likely with education elements. You could also branch out into dance arts management, dance critic, dance P.T., even a presenter of dance. There are a number of related fields.

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