Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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Writers: When You First Began Writing, What Did You Most Struggle With?

When you first began to write what was most difficult for you? (Grammar, sentence structure, plot, etc.)

What tips would you give struggling beginners with that problem?
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Bass lessons in San Diego?


Is there anywhere to take Belly Dancing Classes in Austin Texas?

There are many places to take belly dancing classes in Austin. I will give you a few suggestions:

Bahaia (North Austin) - - She is the former organizer of the Austin Belly Dance Convention, and one of the best teachers in Austin. I have not taken lessons from her, but I have seen her students dance, and I have seen her dance, and she is hands down the best as far as I can tell. She also does her Hot Seminars and other events. She teaches traditional Raks Sharqi and Cabaret.

Stacey Lizette (South Austin) - - The current organizer of the Austin Belly Dance Convention, and another of the most widely known teachers in the Austin area. She teaches according to Suhaila Salimpour

What are some of the JFK conspiracy theories?

Besides the fact that there was more than one shooter, I mean something more detailed like the reason behind his assassination.

Just curious what people have thought and said.
There is the Mafia revenge theory, the Cuban revenge theory on attempts on Castro


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